Marek Wawrynowicz, programmer and chemist
Wrocław, Poland
+48 604423022

• since 09.2013: JEE developer at IT Kontrakt Sp. z o.o. (
- Biopharmaceuticals research software, development and maintenance (Roche).
- Files operations tools, development and maintenance (Roche).

• 05.2011 - 08.2013: Programmer/Analyst at Eclipse Poland Ltd. (
- Development and maintenance of the online clothing shop (Joules).
- Development of the application for management of the National Registers System (Sygnity S.A.).
- Development and maintenance of some systems for international transportation company - implementation of new features, fixing bugs (TNT).

• 02.2009 - 04.2011: Software Engineer at Tieto Poland Sp. z o.o. (
- Development (scrum) and maintenance one of the biggest real estate portals in Germany. Implementation of new features, architectural migrations, fixing bugs (ImmobilienScout24).

• 08.2007 - 01.2009: Programmer at FIS-SST Sp. z o.o. (
- Design and programming complex forms (MVC) in the data collecting system for management of the gas mains devices, development and maintenance of the system (Wasko S.A.).
- Development of the devices monitoring system (Wasko S.A.).
- Development and maintenance of the web application for temporary work agencies, enabling to advanced recruitment management.

Work with:
Java, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, SVN, Git, Stash, Spring, Spring MVC, Spring Web Flow, Swing, Ant, Maven, JSP, JSTL, JSF, JavaScript, jQuery, Java Web Start, Android, REST, JAX-RS, JAXB, JPA, JDBC, UML, MagicDraw, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, DBDesigner, Hibernate, Tomcat, JBoss, WAS, Apache, Jenkins, SonarQube, TeamCity, CruiseControl, Linux (Ubuntu), Jira, Bugzilla, Trac.

• 1998 - 2007: Assistant at the Research Laboratory at Herbapol Wroclaw S.A. (
Carrying out chemical analyses (TLC, HPTLC, HPLC, UV-VIS, IR, titrimetry, gravimetry). Working out and adaptation of analytical methods with their validation. Working out and adaptation of production technologies. Conducting of technological trials. Preparing documentation concerning drugs (specifications, technological and analytical instructions, translations and others). Frequent contact with scientific and technical literature both in English and in German. Cooperation with manufacturing, quality, sales and other departments. Working relations with domestic and foreign firms.

• 1997: Half a year of work at Faculty of Chemistry in Bari University ( within the limits of TEMPUS project (Kinetic investigation on the aminolysis of dimethylcarbonate catalysed by carbon dioxide). Work with a vacuum line and GC.


• 2012: Oracle Certified Expert, EE 6 Java Persistence API Developer

• 2010: Sun Certified Web Component Developer

• 2009: Sun Certified Java Programmer

• 2006 - 2007: Postgraduate studies Internet engineering.
Faculty of Electronics in Wroclaw University of Technology ( Graduation work: Guide portal.
In the curriculum: HTML, CSS, DOM, JavaScript, AJAX, Java, PHP, MySQL, XML, XSL, SMIL, Apache, CGI (Perl), Internet security, graphics.

• 2006: Course in Linux administration, Course in programming with C++.
Faculty of Physics and Astronomy in University of Wroclaw (

• 1998 - 2004: Some specialist courses (e.g. concerning validation of analytical methods and thin-layer chromatography).

• 1993 - 1998: Study of chemistry at University of Wroclaw (
Specialisation: physical chemistry. Master's thesis: Phase transitions in guanidine halogenobismuthates III.
In the curriculum: organic, inorganic, physical, analytical chemistry (qualitative, quantitative and instrumental methods e.g.: GC, HPLC, polarography, potentiometry), chemical physics (NMR, EPR, spectrometry UV, VIS, IR), mathematics, physics, computer science, numerical methods, sociology, psychology, firm in the market economy. Most of the subjects consisted both of lectures with exercises and laboratory experiments.

• 1989 - 1993: 14th Secondary School in Wrocław

• English - very good
• German - good
• Russian - communicative


• swimming, tourism, skiing